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DUP East Antrim MP & Chief Whip in Parliament Sammy Wilson has supported the Second Reading of the United Kingdom Internal Market Bill, recognised that the Bill is a step in the right direction, but there is more work to be done.

Commenting from Westminster Mr Wilson said,

“This Bill is a mammoth step by the Government to mitigate the threat to Northern Ireland traders and consumers from the Withdrawal Agreement, but the Bill is a work in progress and does not go all the way in addressing our concerns.

We will be tabling amendments to ensure Northern Ireland is not left in a state aid straight jacket and our businesses are not weighed down by unnecessary paperwork when trading within the United Kingdom and are not subject to the imposition of unnecessary taxes.

The DUP was always aware of the problems of a creating internal barriers to trade and its potential to cost consumers, reduce choice and harm businesses. Others ignored us.

The NI Protocol states that all goods moving between GB and NI are deemed ‘at risk’ by the EU and subject to costly checks unless there are exemptions agreed by the UK and EU through the Joint Committee. The EU is being completely unreasonable in not providing a guarantee that GB would be placed on the EU’s third country listings for food imports.

The Freight Transport Association estimate that 70% of some 425,000 lorry crossings every year are destined for so-called "dead end hosts", i.e. supermarkets, retail outlets, and car showrooms in NI. If these movements are subject to checks these businesses and ultimately consumers will feel the pain.

In the UK at present between 1 and 3% of international imports are checked. Yet until the EU abandon their position, every tin of beans would be subject to checks when they arrive in NI from GB.”