What are other parties doing to resolve flaws flowing from NI Protocol? - Campbell

The DUP’s East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has urged the other parties to get on board with the DUP’s efforts to deal with the flaws flowing from the NI Protocol.

Mr Campbell said,

By Gregory Campbell Candidate

East Londonderry

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“A lot of nonsense is being peddled about the discussions between HMG and the DUP about getting the arrangements under the Windsor Framework / Protocol resolved.

The difficulties that have been, are being and will be encountered under the current setup, if not sorted, will be felt by people of all persuasions NOT just Unionists. Whether it’s veterinary medicines, plants, reduced consumer choice on goods or whatever else, it is in the interests of ALL in Northern Ireland to have the problems resolved.

Throughout our ongoing endeavours to have them resolved, we have been criticised and attacked by political opponents of different shades and by some in the media. Attention seeking journalists will try almost anything to maintain relevance and ratings but the question for those in the political category of our critics is, ‘What have they been doing to try and resolve the ongoing problems which their constituents as well as ours are facing?’

Some parties are content to pocket any gains made by the DUP but have done nothing to help get a better deal for Northern Ireland. They are content to attack the Party that is trying to resolve the problems so that all of our constituents benefit and devolved Government can return on a sustainable basis rather than assist in campaigning for the best possible deal for the people we all represent.”

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