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The Education Minister has expressed his appreciation and thanks to school leaders and promised action to support their professional development and wellbeing and manage workloads.

Highlighting the importance of Continuing Professional Development for school leaders, Minister Weir said: “As recommended in the recent Fair Start report by the Expert Panel, investment in the Learning Leaders Strategy will help to ensure that all of our teachers, from the newly qualified to the most experienced principals, have access to an ongoing programme of high quality Professional Learning.

“Our school leaders must also be provided with adequate support in delivering their roles and know when and where to seek assistance, which should be readily available.”

Addressing the issue of teacher workload, the Minister said: "I recognise the vital role our school leaders and teachers play in creating a safe, harmonious and effective learning environment in which pupils can flourish.

“I have therefore committed £1.2m to resource a project to progress nine reviews contained within the Teacher Pay and Workload Agreement. These include a review of workload impact on school leaders and examination of ways to maximise professional skills and ease workloads without compromising the support to pupils.”