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East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell who sits on Parliament’s Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee said it is deeply disappointing that the Committee has had to summon William Shawcross to give evidence on his work as the UK Special Representative on UK victims of Qadhafi- sponsored IRA terrorism.

Mr Campbell said,

“This is an extraordinary step for the Committee to take. In my time as a Committee member in Parliament and Stormont, there were only rare occasions when a witness had to be summoned to appear but even more a public official.

I have no idea of the circumstances or the reluctance to either give evidence or release the report but regardless, this sends a very bizarre message to the innocent victims who with each year get fewer and many die without answers.

There is no question over the countless victims who were created as a result of the Libyan support for the PIRA. There is no question that victims deserve compensation the way other governments around the world took action yet as a result of Tony Blair’s government, UK victims have been let down.

The appointment of William Shawcross in 2019 was the result of DUP pressure on the then Government to have a champion on this matter but there was little point compiling all the work if the author is being gagged and his report being supressed.

There is support across the House of Commons for the publication of the report including within the Conservative Party. The Government must now move to bring clarity and provide transparency. The report should be published immediately so its proposals can be considered and Mr Shawcross should be freed to speak.”


The letter from the Committee to Mr Shawcross can be found at the link below