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Gregory Campbell said;

By Gregory Campbell MP

East Londonderry

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"Sinn Fein and others who advocate breaking up the United Kingdom naively believe that Northern Ireland's people would be better off if republican dreams were realised. The facts of many aspects of life in the Republic of Ireland paint a remarkably different picture.

One area of concern for many from a working-class background is the cost of renting a home. This can often be the biggest single cost to a household especially for the younger generation. Latest reports show that average rent in Northern Ireland is £700 per month. In the Irish Republic however there was a fierce dispute in the Irish Parliament recently between Sinn Fein and the Taoiseach about rents, with the Taoiseach conceding that rents were 'too high'.

If ever there was an understatement about rental costs from a Government this was it. The latest Rental Report authored by Ronan Lyons, Associate Professor of Economics in TCD reported that the national average rent in the Republic of Ireland for a two bed property is £1,269 per month. In Dublin City the average rent is £1,398 per month, in Cork City its £1,069 per month, and even in rural Co. Donegal which has the lowest rentals in the Country, it is accelerating fast as average rents have increased in the past year alone by an astonishing 24%.

Leaving aside the fact that politically and demographically, their dream of taking Northern Ireland out of the United Kingdom is an impossibility, there are of course other economic factors to consider. These include that the Republic of Ireland is the 3rd most expensive country in Western Europe, with a family of four having a total estimated monthly expense of £3,971 according to stats from expatistan.com. Losing its tax haven status courtesy of President Biden's Corporation tax move along with increases in net EU contributions along with these enormous rental costs should help concentrate the minds of those 'dreamers' as they come to terms with the real world."

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