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Members of the public, farmers and business must be respectful of our local waterways and be aware of the devastating impact of pollution, Environment Minister Edwin Poots MLA has said.

Minister Poots was speaking as he visited the River Aghlisk in County Tyrone, where he met with Seamus Cullinan, Senior Fisheries Officer Loughs Agency, to discuss the recent pollution incident which resulted in the death of thousands of fish. The incident is being investigated by the Loughs Agency

Minister Poots said: “Once again agencies and local anglers are having to deal with the aftermath of a pollution incident in one of our local rivers which has resulted in the loss of thousands of fish and other invertebrates that live in our waterways.

“At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic I attended the scene of pollution incidents which adversely effected local waterways and our environment. I’m therefore once again appealing to the public, farmers and businesses, please be respectful of our waterways and be mindful of the devastating impacts of pollution.

I urge property owners to take extreme care. Only rain and surface water should go into the storm or surface water drains. You must use the foul sewer which is connected to a wastewater treatment works to dispose of wastewater and not the local river."