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DUP Policing Board members, Joanne Bunting MLA, Trevor Clarke MLA, Tom Buchanan MLA and Mervyn Storey MLA said,

“The apology by the Chief Constable, the redeployment of one officer and the suspension of another officer within 24hrs of the Ormeau incident raises many questions.

We cannot have trial by social media and we cannot have rushed announcements to suit some political agenda. We would have thought the proper course of action would have been to await the outcome of the Ombudsman Inquiry.

In addition, the Chief Constable needs to explain why two relatively inexperienced officers were despatched to this scene and if any other senior officers were present. The PSNI has enough trouble recruiting without a perception that officers have been scapegoated.

There are questions for the Policing Board as well. Its statement was not an agreed position adopted by the Board. They, like us, must be in possession of all the information before any conclusions can be reached.

As Policing Board members, we need to see the full video footage to ascertain the circumstances behind what appears to be uncharacteristically swift action by the police. We have requested an urgent meeting with the Chief Constable on Monday morning where we can ascertain the full facts.”