Sir Jeffrey: Strengthen our hand to finish the job

DUP Leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP has been canvassing with candidates in Londonderry and urging pro-Northern Ireland voters to unite behind the DUP and strengthen his hand to finish the job.

Sir Jeffrey said,

“The Democratic Unionist Party is the party for the people whose identity is focused on their Northern Ireland heritage and our place in the United Kingdom. We are the party that unapologetically puts Northern Ireland first and we have earned the reputation to be the people’s party by virtue of our work in and for the community.

The Democratic Unionist Party supports greater unionist co-operation and unity and we pledge that all our candidates elected to local councils will co-operate alongside fellow unionists to strengthen our heritage and culture.

Our goal has been and remains to strengthen the Pro-Union voice in Northern Ireland. Growing the support for our cause must be the on-going objective.

Drawing together all the strands of people who are Pro-Union is not easy but the consequence of allowing unionism to continue fracturing will be a Northern Ireland led by Sinn Fein whose goal is to remove us from the United Kingdom.

We are democrats and whilst we respect the outcome of elections, we do not believe a majority of those living in Northern Ireland want to spend the next decade talking about a border poll.

At this election we want to see Pro-Union voters working together to ensure more unionist councillors are elected. If unionists want to see more unionist seats across the 11 Councils then they need to vote for it.”

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