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DUP North Antrim MLA Mervyn Storey has said it is disgraceful and narrowminded that Sinn Fein has vetoed an application to light up Parliament Buildings to mark European Victims of Terrorism Day on the evening of 11th March.

Commenting Mr Storey said,

“Victims come from all faiths and none and deserve to be respected. For Sinn Fein to veto this act of respect and acknowledgement of suffering is inhumane, ill-mannered and downright ignorant.

We support the application to light the building on 11th March and trust other parties will join with us in standing up to this narrowminded and disgraceful approach by republicans.

It is this kind of behaviour which also required the courts to force the SF Deputy First Minister to put in place a pension for innocent victims.

Sinn Fein don’t seem content that the PIRA wrecked homes and families by maiming and murdering, they now want to hurt those same victims by acting as though they don’t exist.”

In the same decision Sinn Fein also vetoed the lighting of the building for Marie Curie National Day of Reflection and World Down Syndrome Day, Mr Storey said,

“This is inexplicable and Mary Lou. Michelle, or whoever is in charge of Sinn Fein these days should get their act together and reverse this decision by Monday morning.”