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DUP North Antrim MLA Mervyn Storey has used a Point of Order in the Northern Ireland Assembly to remind the House that Sinn Fein had emailed thousands of party members and supporters to tell them that the wake for Bobby Storey would be open to public.

This new information emerged in the Sunday Independent.

Commenting afterwards Mr Storey said,

“I had contacted the Speaker’s Office this morning to seek an urgent question to one of the Ministers who attended the funeral of Bobby Storey. It is important that Ministers who put in place regulations to govern funerals, are then held accountable when they arrogantly breach those same regulations. It cannot be one rule for MLAs and another rule for everyone else.

Most alarmingly though about the Sunday Independent story, was that it is

at odds with what the Deputy First Minister told the Executive Office Committee on 1st July, when she said ‘'we actively discouraged people” from attending the funeral.

The Deputy First Minister should come to the Assembly chamber and make a statement on this matter and if the Committee was misled by the Deputy First Minister, then the Minister must urgently correct the record and apologise to the Assembly.”