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East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has called on Michael Gove to take decisive action to ensure ‘seamless and unfettered distribution’ of goods from Great Britain on to Northern Ireland supermarket shelves.

He made the comments in the House of Commons yesterday evening.

Speaking afterwards the DUP MP said, "Those of us who have consistently opposed the Northern Ireland Protocol warned of the impact it would have on our economy and supply chain. Great Britain is Northern Ireland's single biggest market and source of goods sold in our shops.

DUP MPs helped defeat this type of approach previously then the current Prime Minister specifically called a General Election in order to push his deal through Parliament. As such there is a specific responsibility on the government now to deliver the unfettered access promised.

Michael Gove has said the situation is likely to get worse in coming days, something that will have a further detrimental impact upon the people of this part of the United Kingdom. His first step when he comes before the House of Commons is to spell out exactly what he intends to do to either invoke Article 16 or take other decisive action mitigating the harmful effects of this protocol.

Many people will question why the government is not taking action while leaving supermarket shelves considerably reduced compared to other parts of the United Kingdom. As a government which has espoused a 'one nation' philosophy it is time for them to put those words into practical action."