Sir Jeffrey – “the choice - our 5-Point Plan or SF’s border poll plan”

DUP Leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has been canvassing in Belfast today.

In an eve of poll message Sir Jeffrey said,

“This election is a choice between real action on issues that matter to people or a divisive border poll plan that Sinn Fein has tried to play down but which has now come to the fore.

A choice between the DUP who have a record of standing up for Northern Ireland, and delivering more for health, education and investment and those parties that would let Sinn Fein away with their plans for a divisive border poll plan.

At this election we have asked people to vote for our 5 –point plan which will:

  • deliver thirty-hours free childcare per week and help working families with the cost-of-living crisis,
  • fix our National Health Service by investing another one billion pounds and training more GPs,
  • grow our economy,
  • remove the Irish Sea border and
  • keep our schools world-class.

If people want real action to reduce the cost-of-living pressures, to fix our health system and to create more jobs then they need to vote for us so we can deliver our plan.

Make no mistake, if Sinn Fein wins, their plan for a divisive border poll will be advanced.

Tomorrow, Northern Ireland has a choice between the DUP’s policy plan to ease cost of living pressures or SF’s plan for a divisive border poll. Each vote will decide which plan Stormont adopts.

The outcome of the Northern Ireland Assembly election is critical to the future of Northern Ireland. Every vote will count.

Only a first preference vote for the DUP can stop SF’s divisive border poll plans. After voting 1 DUP, I ask pro-union voters to maximise the value of their votes by transferring to other pro-union candidates.

A divided pro-union vote will hand a victory to those who want a divisive border poll.”

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