Sir Jeffrey – strengthen our hand

On the eve of the 2023 Local Government Election DUP Leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP has urged pro-Northern Ireland voters to help finish the job by uniting behind the DUP and send a strong message to the Government.

Sir Jeffrey said,

“Tomorrow pro-Northern Ireland voters have a simple choice. They can back Democratic Unionist Party candidates and strengthen our position as we seek to finish the job of restoring Northern Ireland’s place in the United Kingdom following the harm done by the imposition of the Protocol or unionism can divide and splinter, costing seats in our councils and helping to hand more influence to those who would further weaken the Union.

In every area voters are uniting behind the DUP, some for the first time because they realise the stakes tomorrow. This election will be an important opportunity to determine the next four years in our 11 local councils but it will also help shape the future direction of Northern Ireland.

The DUP is in the business of laying solid foundations for Northern Ireland so our children and grandchildren can succeed. We know that Northern Ireland is a great place and that its people have even greater potential. Therefore let’s take the time to get it right.

Our goal for every council is to deliver the best services at the lowest possible cost to rate-payers. That means focusing on what matters rather than political pet projects.

We have pledged to voters that we will seek to re-establish the Northern Ireland Assembly on a fair and sustainable basis by finishing the job of protecting NI’s place in the UK and its internal market. We will work within Councils to protect and deliver core services at real value and lowest cost to ratepayers. We will build stronger and safer communities by targeting Council spending on what really matters to local ratepayers. We will promote and deliver regeneration for our villages, towns and city centres and in our King’s Coronation year, we will co- operate with other unionists, to strengthen our rich heritage and culture.

The Democratic Unionist Party and its candidates are pledged to put Northern Ireland first.

Now is not the time for more division within unionism.

At this election vote to strengthen our hand and ensure Unionism speaks with a strong and united voice.

Tomorrow, if you want Northern Ireland to move forward together where everyone is respected and feels at home then vote for your local Democratic Unionist candidates and then transfer to other pro- Union candidates.”

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