Sir Jeffrey – “SF should be open & honest about its divisive border poll plans”

Whilst visiting Londonderry, DUP Leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has outlined the Party's support for the North West region, calling for better connectivity and demonstrating how the DUP's five point plan for Northern Ireland can deliver for the region.

He also called on unionists to unite behind Gary Middleton as the only candidate who can win a seat in the Foyle constituency and pointed out that SF’s divisive border poll plan will destabilise and take the focus away from the issues that really matter.

In a speech Sir Jeffrey said,

"I stand foursquare behind the campaign for better infrastructure in this region. We need a high speed, regular train service running between not just our two main cities but a connection running all the way through to other cities on this island too, as envisaged under the Union Connectivity Review.

I want to see better air connectivity too. It was a DUP Department who supported North West air connectivity with Great Britain by part funding, alongside the Department for Transport, the City of Derry Airport to London route until the end of March 2023. We will continue to work with all three local airports to attract new routes and provide marketing support to improve our the potential.

We will build on the £54m of support to 430 different businesses provided through Invest NI over the last five years. This support has helped local businesses create over 2,500 jobs in the Derry City and Strabane District Council area alone, and contributed to over £300m of investment in the area.

My 5-Point plan for Northern Ireland includes a focus on growing our economy through supporting 20,000 new jobs in the next five years. Those jobs must be shared across all parts of Northern Ireland.

My plan includes this North-West region, but I can only implement it if a strong team of DUP MLAs are elected, including here in Londonderry. There is one unionist seat in this city. A divided unionist vote could leave us with no unionist representative.

The outcome of this election will be vital for the future of Northern Ireland and will determine whether we focus on growing our economy, delivering jobs and investing in our infrastructure, or whether we face months and years of instability, focusing on a divisive border poll.

Sinn Fein Should be open and honest about its divisive border poll plans. Only 2 weeks ago they were happy to talk about their divisive border poll plan in Washington and New York to Senators and Congressmen.

Why does Sinn Fein not want to talk about their divisive border plans in Northern Ireland? The people of NI deserve honesty from SF and it’s leaders.”

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