Sir Jeffrey – “Labour Party should work constructively with the Government”

DUP Leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP has said it is good that Sir Keir Starmer is in Northern Ireland and hopes he is hearing a range of voices. On Tuesday Mr Donaldson met the Labour Party Leader in Westminster and reminded him, that the Protocol has zero unionist support either from MPs or MLAs and has been foisted upon Northern Ireland with terrible economic and political consequences.

Mr Donaldson said,

“Progress in only made in Northern Ireland with the support of unionists and nationalists. It was reckless and we to press ahead with the Protocol despite the universal opposition of unionism.

Those in London, Dublin, Brussels and Belfast who steamrollered ahead despite unionist opposition, demonstrate that far from putting Northern Ireland’s interests first, they were short-sighted and wrong. They should be mature enough to now recognise their blunder.

It is deeply concerning that there are still voices in Dublin, Belfast and Brussels who cling to the Protocol and ignore the unstoppable case for change. In refusing to renegotiate, they expose their narrowminded and anti-consensus approach. Westminster operates majority rule, but the Northern Ireland Assembly is based on cross-community consensus.

The Labour Leader should use his influence in Westminster to ensure his Party is focused on getting the best outcome for Northern Ireland rather than simply trying to use Northern Ireland to score a point against the Government. This is too important for games. We encourage the Labour Party to work constructively with the Government to take whatever steps are necessary to protect Northern Ireland's place in the United Kingdom.

If we get the Protocol matters resolved, Northern Ireland can seize the prize of stable devolution. Until this Protocol is replaced with arrangements that unionists can support, stability is impossible because the Protocol threatens our place in the United Kingdom, endangers jobs for our people, drives up costs for customers and reduces choice on our shelves.”

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