Sir Jeffrey Donaldson - "George Cross is a fitting act of appreciation"

DUP Leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP has hailed the award of the George Cross to the National Health Services of the United Kingdom as a fitting act of appreciation by Her Majesty the Queen.

Sir Jeffrey said,

“After seventy-three years of compassionate and universal care for everyone living in the United Kingdom, I am delighted that the National Health Service has been recognised in this way. Indeed due to our integrated social care system, in Northern Ireland all those excellent and dedicated care staff have also been rightly recognised.

The response to Covid-19 right across the country reaffirmed our love for the NHS. This model, the unique preserve of the United Kingdom where care is free at the point of need, was the life sustainer that we all needed. The bravery of staff was unparalleled.

When the NHS was founded over seventy years ago, the concept, that by all contributing, we are in turn caring for our neighbour is still a wonderful concept today. May it long continue.

I commend all those brave workers who have helped make the Health Service the loved and revered institution that it is. We must now play our part by ensuring the Health Service is funded and resourced in the way that sustains it for future generations.”

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