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East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has said Sinn Fein cannot escape their cyncial, party politically motivated approach to the Covid-19 pandemic. It follows comments from Michelle O'Neill where she criticised other parties but to sidestep Sinn Fein's own record.

Mr Campbell said, "The unprecedented success of the vaccine programme alongside steadily improving data over recent months has meant people are now looking to when we may see restrictions eased.

From day one of this pandemic, Sinn Fein have viewed the pandemic through a cynical, party political lens. Their approach has been to follow the science when it suits them and tell the rest of the public to "do as we say, not as we do".

1) At the start of the pandemic, Sinn Fein somersaulted within hours on the timing of school closures. The Deputy First Minister was forced to u-turn by party managers.

2) Their pursuit of a 'phantom' PPE order could have cost the public purse £60m and put people at risk because Sinn Fein wanted it delivered from Dublin rather than London.

3) Michelle O'Neill initially poured cold water on the use of Armed Forces personnel to help keep public services functioning and distribute PPE before facing reality.

4) Whilst telling others to obey Covid regulations, Sinn Fein organised Bobby Storey's funeral and emailed people informing them his wake was "open to the public".

5) Sinn Fein was found to be in receipt of Covid-19 grants meant for struggling businesses and were only paid back after questions were raised in the media.

6) Mary Lou McDonald attempted to weaponize Covid-19 and claimed it was an "accelerator" for a united Ireland.

7) A joint statement by the four UK nations about Christmas health advice was vetoed by the Deputy First Minister.

8) Sinn Fein wanted to override health advice and demand a travel ban to Great Britain, yet opposed the same in RoI.

9) Instead of focusing on the challenges facing pupils, Sinn Fein used Covid to demand an end to academic selection and a permanent scrapping of the transfer test.

Despite repeated assertions by Michelle O'Neill we have seen where she personally has contradicted medical advice to stymie the public health message simply because it was being issued on a UK-wide basis. The public health message in Northern Ireland too was fundamentally undermined by actions from Sinn Fein, including the Deputy First Minister who flouted her own regulations in the full glare of tv cameras.

The only advice Sinn Fein have acted on during this pandemic has been diktats issued from Connolly House.