Sinn Fein budget is a warning of where they would take Northern Ireland

Strangford MLA Peter Weir has said the budget brought forward by Sinn Fein's Finance Minister would decimate many vital services, with even the Chief Executive of the Housing Executive warning of its consequences.

By Lord Weir of Ballyholme Peer

The DUP MLA said it was a warning about the direction in which Sinn Fein would take Northern Ireland.

He said,

"Sinn Fein have a dismal record in relation to finance and budgets in Northern Ireland. The first Sinn Fein Finance Minister never managed to even bring a budget forward and Conor Murphy brought forward one that would decimate many vital services and which could not secure Executive support.

He has brought forward a budget that would be catastrophic for our schools and which the Chief Executive of the Housing Executive has said represents "a bleak outlook for housing with negative consequences - especially for those relying on homeless services or those on the waiting list for social housing". It is little wonder other Ministers may have allowed it to go forward for public consultation, but were clear that did not mean they supported its contents.

Devoid of any substance, we have instead been presented with increasingly desperate spinning from Conor Murphy. His belief that he could simply by-pass Executive approval was testament to Sinn Fein's arrogance and disregard for any proper process.

The budget helps set the direction for many vital services in Northern Ireland. Conor Murphy's budget is a clear warning about the direction in which Sinn Fein would take Northern Ireland."

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