Sinn Fein abstentionist MPs put outdated ideology before support for working families.

The DUP’s East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has said the seven SF MPs who fail to take their seats in the House of Commons are helping Boris Johnson push through his Social Care and Universal Credit plans.

By Gregory Campbell Candidate

East Londonderry

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Mr Campbell said,

“Two major votes took place in the House of Commons in the last 24 hours. One on Boris Johnson’s social care tax and another cutting universal credit. Both plans will hit those who can’t afford it the hardest.

Sinn Fein helped Boris win both votes by an even bigger margin because they don’t take their seats. Of course, some MPs will have been isolating and unable to vote but for Sinn Fein this is an outdated republican abstentionist policy.

Sinn Fein MPs cannot ever again claim to represent poorer families. They have again left their constituents voiceless in favour of their beloved but redundant abstentionism”

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