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Jim Shannon MP has condemned the graffiti written over the Ards constituency office and other areas.

Mr Shannon said,

“I am opposed to any form of vandalism, but it certainly hits hard when the message is ‘sell out’.

As someone who opposed the insidious NI Protocol at every opportunity, indeed at I sat in the office after 9pm last night virtually making the plea in Parliament again for other MPs to help us do the right things and ditch the protocol, it is difficult for me to understand the message.

I would much prefer that they would have rang the office for us to discuss and understand what is happening from both angles. This is a time for Unionists and decent hard-working people to stand together and that is my desire – that as Unionists we meet, have dialogue and above all stand.

I understand frustration, I am frustrated by what is happening and the fact that despite the warnings our party gave, the problems we foresaw are now coming to pass. However, rather than allowing my frustration to boil over, I am channelling that in the best democratic way that I possibly can to bring about change. I will continue to do this at every opportunity.

As one who is totally committed to the Union and also served in Uniform for 14.5 years for Queen and Country, I remain firm and dedicated along with my party to the preservation of this Union. The good of my nation is why I am an MP and I will continue to do the best job that I can in the democratic framework we find ourselves in.”