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DUP Foyle MLA Gary Middleton has called for the Sinn Fein leadership to sanction the Party’s Foyle MLA Martina Anderson after she posted a deeply offensive tweet about innocent victims.

Commenting Mr Middleton said,

“The pension is for innocent victims and is rightly a recognition that as a result of injuries caused by terrorists, they were unable to make their own pension contributions.

Martina Anderson has form in making outrageous statements, but this statement is offensive to innocent victims of terrorism. It is also patent nonsense.

The Sinn Fein leadership must deal with this shocking tweet. This cannot be allowed to go unchecked. The Sinn Fein Deputy First Minister blocked this pension but rightly was forced to move by the courts, the Party must now recognise the offensiveness of this statement and get it removed.

People who have lived most of their lives with shrapnel from an explosion in their body or who are haunted with the smell, taste and noise of a bombing should not be labelled by Martina Anderson.

I will be exploring with the Northern Ireland Assembly authorities whether this statement is in fact a breach of the Member’s Code of Conduct. In my view it falls well short of decency never mind the standards expected from an MLA.”