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DUP East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has said Sinn Fein's approach to Covid continues to be defined by cynical political manoeuvring. At the end of last year Mr Campbell highlighted Sinn Fein's record and said the list is now being extended in 2021.

Mr Campbell said,

“Rising case numbers have highlighted once again that we all need to follow the guidance and limit our contact to reduce the spread of the virus and reduce the pressure on our health service. We should be focused on the hope that the vaccination programme can offer yet Sinn Fein continue to place politics above public health.

From day one Sinn Fein has played politics with the virus. They follow the science when it suits, break the rules asunder when it suits and tell the rest of us to “do as we say not as we do”.

1. At the start of the pandemic Sinn Fein somersaulted within hours on the timing of schools closing. The Deputy First Minister was forced to u-turn by party managers.

2. Then there was the fiasco about an elusive PPE order that could have cost the public purse £60m all because Sinn Fein wanted Dublin to deliver the PPE rather than London.

3. Michelle O’Neill initially poured cold water on use of the army to help keep public services functioning and distribute PPE before catching herself on.

4. SF told everyone else to obey the Covid-19 rules but the party organised a funeral for a PIRA man which blatantly broke the rules.

5. Then SF was found to be in receipt of Covid-19 grants which were meant for struggling businesses and only paid them back when the media started asking questions.

6. As Gerry Adams once said “you never waste a good crisis” so Mary Lou tried to weaponize Covid-19 and claim it was an “accelerator” for a united Ireland.

7. A joint statement by the four UK nations about Christmas health advice was vetoed by the Deputy First Minister.

8. SF wanted to override health advice and demand a travel ban to GB yet opposed the same in RoI.

9. Instead of focusing on the challenges facing pupils, SF have used Covid to demand an end to academic selection and a permanent scrapping of the transfer test.

The Sinn Fein story of the pandemic so far has been one of opportunism, exploitation and hypocrisy. Sinn Fein’s credibility in handling coronavirus is in tatters.

The advice being followed by Sinn Fein are the diktats issued by Connolly House rather than the vital public health messaging and united community approach that is needed"