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Upper Bann MLA Jonathan Buckley has said that an incident following the Armagh camogie team's victory in the Junior All-Ireland championship on Saturday was another inexcusable example of IRA glorification within gaelic games.

A video appears to have been posted by a member of the team which shows players celebrating with chants of "Ooh aah, up the Ra".

Commenting, the DUP MLA said, "A victory in such a championship is clearly a huge achievement for any team, but it is deeply disappointing that once again we see another incident relating to Gaelic games and IRA chanting.

Such scenes are inexcusable but they are also inexplicable as to why a group of young women, none of whom were alive during the worst years of IRA terrorism would make such chanting part and parcel of their celebrations.

I have no doubt that many fans of gaelic games are appalled by such behaviour. However, the complete absence of any meaningful action by the GAA to previous incidents involving gaelic football teams could lead people to believe that the glorification of terrorism is endemic within parts of the organisation.

Whilst only a few weeks ago the majority of focus was on breaches of Covid-19 regulations by GAA fans in Dungannon, it should not be forgotten that celebrations on that occasion were also accompanied by pro-IRA chanting. Last year, references to "f****** huns" were recorded on another team bus.

These incidents come alongside the continued issue of both grounds and competitions being named after IRA members.

Across gaelic games there firstly needs to accept there is a problem and then demonstrate a willingness to take meaningful action. A continued failure to do so will continue to overshadow these sports in the minds of many people from all backgrounds in Northern Ireland.