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DUP East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson has said the BBC Spotlight poll on Northern Ireland’s centenary again offers a snapshot into how the NI Protocol has failed and is being rejected.

Mr Wilson said,

“The Northern Ireland Protocol was foisted upon Northern Ireland against the will of every unionist Party. The DUP warned the Government and Brussels that it was doomed to failure both politically and economically.

We have been proved right. The Protocol needs scrapped. It has failed.

When we published a petition calling for the Protocol to be scrapped 140k people signed it in just over 24hrs. Weeks later this BBC poll shows the public rejection of the Protocol is growing with 48% of those surveyed saying it should be scrapped.

Polls will always have a health warning, but the fundamental issue remains the same today as it did in 2019 when we warned the Prime Minister, solutions in Northern Ireland cannot work without consensus.

Unionism opposed the Protocol on both economic and constitutional grounds. That opposition is growing, and the Government should be step up and recognise its failure.

It is time to replace the Protocol. It is time London and Brussels realised the Protocol must go.”