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East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson was called during Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons and encouraged the Prime Minister to recognise the campaign for a three months extension of maternity and parental leave.

Mr Robinson said,

“On the 10th July, the Prime Minister met Bethany from Crewe, during People’s Prime Minister’s Questions, where she took the opportunity to raise the campaign for the extension of maternity leave, as a direct consequence of COVID-19. During that session, the Prime Minister not only undertook to look at the petition, but understood the significant ramifications lockdown has had on parents who have missed out on childcare support, on health visitor access, on the availability of building bonds with wider family members and the community.

It's been a huge privilege to support such a significant campaign, with over 50 MPs signing my EDM, and last night, I was honoured to present a petition from East Belfast which added to the significant support across the UK already.

Ten days on, I asked the Prime Minister if he has read that petition, and with recess fast approaching, I urged him to respond to the necessary request to get this precious time back for mothers and families, and to recognise the considerable stress and worry many parents are facing.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the difficulty of the problem, and I welcome his commitment to look at the situation ‘in detail’ and write to me, and I hope that he responds positively, as it is a cause that I am very sympathetic to.”