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East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has called for calm and urged attacks on the police to stop.

Mr Campbell also challenged Gerry Kelly and Sinn Fein to apologise for condescending and arrogant comments about young loyalists.

Gregory Campbell said,

“Those attacking the police should stop. Rioting and injuring rank and file officers will result in young people being criminalised.

For Gerry Kelly and Sinn Fein to comment on the frustrations on our streets without recognising the major part they played in creating that anger is arrogance personified.

SF helped organise an IRA man’s funeral where 2,000 people attended when other people couldn’t even have some of their own children at the funeral of a loved one.

Gerry Kelly and co. need to get real. People aren’t taps that some politician can turn on or off. Riots on the streets, just as they must be condemned, it also has to be realised that they are a symptom of the manner in which Sinn Fein has played fast and loose with the Covid rules whilst zealously demanding everyone else obey them.”