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DUP East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson who is also the Party’s Defence spokesman said major questions lie for the Prime Minister, Secretary of State and the wider Government over the plans for bring forward equivalent protections for veterans who served in Northern Ireland.

Mr Robinson said,

“The former Veterans Minister Johnny Mercer has indicated that not a single word had been committed to paper by yesterday evening relating to Northern Ireland veterans’ legislation. If that is the case, how can the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State tell the House of Commons that the NIO legislation will be tabled shortly.

The Queens Speech is in three weeks. We will be watching this closely and will be scrutinising the detail.

If progress has been made in the last twenty-four hours then that is welcome but veterans who served in Northern Ireland deserve better than to be sent led up the garden path. Northern Ireland veterans are not second class soldiers and should be told the facts without spin or gloss.”