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Democratic Unionist Party Chairman Lord Morrow makes the following statement regarding the process for electing a Leader and Deputy Leader of the Party.

“Following a meeting of the Party Officers today the following decisions were taken.

The Party Officers have set the date of Friday 14th May at 11am as the date for a meeting and voting to elect a leader and deputy leader.

The Officers have determined the date for the election in light of the business of reviewing the Covid-19 regulations on Thursday 13th by the Northern Ireland Executive and the need for DUP Ministers to fulfil those obligations and the need for the party to be represented during the business of the Queen’s Speech in Parliament on Wednesday 12th May.

In accordance with the constitution and rules of the Democratic Unionist Party only party members, who are also members of the Northern Ireland Assembly and the House of Commons are entitled to vote for the Leader or Deputy Leader. Details have been sent to all eligible voters.

Nomination of Candidates

Those wishing to be a candidate in the election process to fill the office of leader, or deputy leader must submit in writing an expression of interest, supported by a proposer and seconder from those eligible to vote to the Chairman by 5pm on Thursday 6th May 2021

The meeting on Friday 14th May will be conducted virtually by the Chairman taking account of the on-going Covid-19 regulations.

Each nominated candidate for leader of the party will be given ten minutes to speak to the online meeting and each candidate for deputy leader will be given five minutes to speak. Following this online meeting a voting station will open and voting will be by secret ballot.

We would anticipate an announcement of the outcome at approx. 5pm on Friday 14th May.


Following the completion of the above process the election of the Leader and Deputy Leader shall be put to the next meeting of the Central Executive Committee for ratification as set out in rules.

The Party Officers intend to make arrangements for a full meeting of the Central Executive Committee to ratify and thereby complete the election process as quickly as possible thereafter and in line with the notification arrangements set out in the rules.”