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East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has said that having finally been presented with a file in relation to events at the Bobby Storey funeral, the onus is now on the Public Prosecution Service to demonstrate that no one is above the law, regardless of their status.

Comparing the investigation into the Storey funeral to a previous case which Mr Campbell had reported he said,

"The Police have eventually prepared a file to be handed to the PPS in relation to the funeral of Bobby Storey. There is a feeling amongst many that the process only got to this stage as a result of continued public pressure. I first raised the matter days before the funeral itself. However, the onus now lies with the Public Prosecution Service to ensure that those who so clearly broke the law are held accountable for this.

There must not be a repeat of what happened when I reported the vile anti-Semitic abuse captured on video and widely broadcast by a Jewish filmmaker as he spoke to people in Londonderry’s bogside. On that occasion a file was eventually prepared and presented to the PPS, coincidentally only after many months had passed and I made further inquiries as to the progress of that investigation. However, after a further lengthy delay the PPS then unbelievably deemed there to be insufficient evidence for a successful prosecution to be secured.

There has rightly been a great deal of discussion around the perception of two-tier policing. However, there is an equal onus on the Public Prosecution Service to demonstrate that everyone is equally subject to the law regardless of their status, and that they carry out their duties impartially. "Support for the peace process" cannot be an influencer when deciding on prosecutions for what appears to be clear and public breaches of the law."