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DUP Policing Board member Joanne Bunting MLA has said there must be a demonstration that police are serious about investigating the breaches of Covid-19 regulations by senior Sinn Fein representatives at the funeral of Bobby Storey.

The East Belfast MLA said,

“Many people have drawn the obvious distinction between the immediate response by police to the Black Lives Matter protest and that taken to the funeral of Bobby Storey.

There appears to have been remarkable patience displayed by police, when they have waited nearly two months before receiving responses from the 23 people written to about events at the funeral. Many will also wonder how much evidence really needed to be gathered during that time, when we consider the level of news coverage the event itself garnered.

Mr Webster who is overseeing the investigation should at least give a commitment that the investigation will be completed before we pass the six-month date where prosecutions must be brought.

Everyone was able to see that Sinn Fein placed greater importance on party political speeches at Milltown Cemetery than on public health regulations. We may never know however the full impact that undermining the public health messaging has had on the wider public’s response to the pandemic since then.”