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South Antrim MP Paul Girvan who is also the DUP Transport spokesman in Westminster has welcomed the Union Connectivity Review’s interim report. He also criticised the Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon’s narrow and politically charged response.

Mr Girvan said,

“The Union Connectivity Review is rightly spearheaded by London as it is taking an overarching view of UK infrastructure rather than each devolved region working in a silo. That is sensible.

Nichola Mallon should stop politicising the matter, lift her eyes, look to the future and ensure there is better infrastructure for the next generations. Progress on removing the burden of Air Passenger Duty on our flights and improving Scotland’s A75 will be welcomed by Northern Ireland travellers as it will reduce travel time and cost. It is disappointing and appalling that our transport Minister is taking such a narrow nationalist outlook.

The DUP has been campaigning for some time regarding APD. We want it abolished and a long-term UK wide recovery plan put in place for the aviation sector which has been hit so badly by Covid-19.

The feasibility study into physical infrastructure between Northern Ireland and Scotland is also another step forward to address one of the busiest and most expensive shipping corridors anywhere in Europe.”