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DUP Health Spokesperson Pam Cameron has said the identification of seven cases of the Indian Covid variant in Northern Ireland once again highlights the refusal by the Republic of Ireland to share passenger

The South Antrim MLA, who is also Vice Chair of the Assembly's Health Committee said,

"Nearly fifteen months into this pandemic it beggars belief that the Irish Government still is not sharing important information on international travellers with the Northern Ireland Executive.

We hear a lot of talk about collaboration on vaccine roll-out and other areas, but the sharing of this information is also of critical importance if our focus is on saving lives. If we are to properly monitor the arrival of people from high risk countries then information on travellers must be shared within the Common Travel Area.

We have made huge progress in recent months and the reduction of cases in the community and in our hospitals gives real cause for hope. Progress must not be set back because of a refusal to share vital information.

The authorities in Dublin need to step forward and share this without delay. It should also be accompanied by an explanation as to why such practical co-operation has been withheld for so long."