No confidence motion submitted to Policing Board

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has confirmed that a motion of no confidence in the PSNI Chief Constable Simon Byrne has been submitted.

By Trevor Clarke MLA

South Antrim

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The DUP Leader said, “It is disappointing and perplexing that the Chief Constable cancelled our planned meeting which was due to take place this afternoon (Friday). Had the meeting gone ahead we would have had the opportunity to inform him of our desire for change and intention to submit to the Policing Board a motion to be debated at the earliest opportunity.

Confidence in the Chief Constable has been eroded, both amongst the wider public but significantly, also amongst serving PSNI officers and staff. In light of that, we believe that a change of leadership is required. Allowing the issue to drift will only cause greater problems for public confidence and for the PSNI as an organisation.”

The DUP’s lead member on the Policing Board is South Antrim MLA Trevor Clarke. He said, “The ruling by Mr Justice Schofield laid bare that political considerations were influencing operational decisions. That goes against a fundamental principle within policing and ultimately it rests with the Chief Constable not only as the head of the organisation, but as someone who was central to the decision-making process at that time.

We want to see effective, efficient and impartial policing in Northern Ireland. The question is whether we sit back and watch confidence both inside and outside the PSNI continue to diminish, or whether it is time for change. This motion will allow the Policing Board to give its view.”

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