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DUP Deputy Leader Lord Dodds has said the comments from Mary Lou McDonald on RTE Prime Time demonstrate that far from apologising for the IRA murder of Lord Mountbatten, the Sinn Fein President continues to justify it in similar terms to those used by Gerry Adams in the direct aftermath of the bombing.

Commenting Mr Dodds said,

"Mary Lou McDonald's interview on RTE Prime Time provided some stark reality compared to some of the the breathless reporting a few days earlier in relation to her supposed apology for the IRA murder of Lord Mountbatten.

This was a bomb deliberately detonated murdering not just Lord Mountbatten but an elderly woman and two teenage boys. Far from any radical departure, Mary Lou McDonald's position is actually no different to the pitiful justification of murder issued by Gerry Adams just a few weeks after the bombing.

In 2021 she still explains this event as "an act that happened in the context of a war". Even if anyone were to accept the warped viewpoint that it occurred during a war, the Sinn Fein President still finds herself unable to say the deliberate killing of children was wrong.

It is notable that whilst Sinn Fein argue for the continued re-investigation of incidents involving members of the police and army despite a lack of any new evidence, Mary Lou McDonald views her job as "not to apportion blame" for the murder of Lord Mountbatten and others on that day in 1979.

These comments highlight clearly the entirely one-sided approach taken by Sinn Fein to the past in Northern Ireland. It should be borne in mind when we hear any commentary from Ms McDonald or her colleagues when we see any proposals coming forward from the Government on legacy issues."