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DUP Deputy Leader and Peer Nigel Dodds has said the Government has behaved disgracefully and let down victims of Libyan sponsored PIRA terrorism.

Mr Dodds said,

“The appointment of William Shawcross in 2019 represented a chink of light for the thousands of victims across the British Isles who were injured or bereaved by Libyan weapons and Semtex in the hands of the PIRA. The appalling refusal to publish this report is the wrong approach by the Government and raises more questions than answers.

In 2019, it was established that the UK Government had received some £17 million in tax revenue from Libyan assets linked to Colonel Gaddafi, which are frozen in the UK. Yet this money which could have been earmarked for victims, now also seems to have been diverted to tackling other financial pressures.

This Ministerial statement from the Foreign Office sounds as though the Government has, like Tony Blair’s government, gave up the fight. In 2004, Libya agreed to pay $1m compensation to the families of each of the 170 people killed in the bombing of UTA flight 772 in 1989. The German Government secured $35 million for those killed in the 1986 bombing of the La Belle discotheque in Berlin

After all these years, our citizens have received little more than warm words and sympathy. This should be a point of embarrassment for the Government which has behaved disgracefully. We will be challenging the Government further on this matter in Parliament.”