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DUP Deputy Leader and peer Nigel Dodds has urged Maros Sefcovic to realise that the European Union could make a mistake by taking Sinn Fein’s advice and closing its eyes to unionist concerns and the serious damage the Protocol is inflicting on Northern Ireland.

Nigel Dodds was speaking after the European Commission Vice President for Interinstitutional Relations, Maros Sefcovic gave evidence to the Irish Parliament's EU Affairs Committee on Tuesday.

Lord Dodds said,

“Maros Sefcovic and his team know that not one single unionist Party in Northern Ireland supports the Protocol, yet the European Union claims to be a protector of stability and Belfast Agreement.

It would be another mistake for the European Commission to take the arrogant advice proffered by Sinn Fein during the Committee when they urged the EU to “aim above political unionism”. Sinn Fein talk about a shared future but their actions show their plan is one of ourselves alone.

This is not the first SF Louth TD to speak offensively about unionists it was Gerry Adams who told supporters “The point is to actually break these b******s - that’s the point.” Sinn Fein has form.

Mary Lou McDonald should censure her member for such a comment. Unionism will not be ignored or silenced.”