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East Belfast DUP MLA Robin Newton has welcomed the Department for Infrastructure Greenway’s progress in developing appropriate lighting for the Comber Greenway.

In a response to a written question, Robin Newton MLA said:

“This is a positive step forward in seeking the long-awaited completion of the Comber Greenway.

In 2018, the Greenway was along key parts of the route to encourage mixed use by cyclists and walkers. During these works, lighting duct was installed under the footway. The addition of lighting has been subject to community need and public consultation.

During summer 2020, I obtained figures that showed a remarkable increase in the number of people engaging with the Greenway, thus demonstrating a community that value the traffic-free walkway.

The Comber Greenway continues to provide huge potential to the quality of life for local residents, walkers, dog walkers and cyclists. Unfortunately, during the winter months, the dark nights can pose challenges that put people off using the Greenway.

The Department for Infrastructure design phase will look at how best we provide adequate lighting for users to utilise the greenway during the darker nights, but also provide ecological protections for the wildlife. This is important and to be welcomed.

I look forward to the public consultation being brought forward and encourage engagement throughout”