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East Belfast DUP MLA Robin Newton has expressed shock at the amount of money paid out by the Nicola Mallon, Minister for Infrastructure, following vehicle damage due to potholes in Northern Ireland’s.

Robin Newton said, “I was appalled to learn 7,042 motorists were forced to make claims against the Department for Infrastructure following damage to their vehicles. Over the past three years this has resulted in the Minister forking out a whopping £1,593,984 to motorists whose vehicles have needed repairs. We are all very aware of the pressures on public services at the present time and in particular our health service. That only serves to underscore why action needs to be taken to prevent such unecessary on pothole compensation.

These figures are both staggering and worrying. The public is paying the bill for the failure to maintain roads at a standard that ensures road safety. We don’t know what difficulties have been caused for unsuspecting drivers hitting these holes in the road and It is very likely the full cost to the motorist is much higher as many drivers will not submit a claim.

Nichola Mallon must urgently address the road repair issues, we just can’t go on wasting these huge amounts of money.”

Mr Newton’s question and the response from the Infrastructure Minister can be found here: