New Year realities for Sinn Fein in their new position - Campbell

A New Year message from East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell.

By Gregory Campbell MP

East Londonderry

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As we look forward to 2023 there are major difficulties to face given the NI Protocol problems, cost of living crisis and the war in Ukraine. The political scene will present many challenges for everyone.

Looking for positive signs that Irish Republicans might finally realise that their day has indeed finally 'come' and 'gone' may be a forlorn hope but at least this incoming year provides plenty of food for thought for them.

2023 may well be the first full year that SF maintain their position in opinion polls in the Irish Republic as the largest single Party in that country, if that is the case they will undoubtedly try and align that to the current position in this country where they are de facto the largest single political party as a result of the 2022 Assembly election.

If borne out across the year to come these are realities that everyone has to face up to. As Unionists we will do so just as we have with every other unpleasant reality the republican movement has thrown at us in the past 40 years.

The most relevant reality however is not just for the rest of society but it is for Sinn Fein, because with whatever endorsement they seek to further their impossible dream of convincing people here to leave the UK, it will come to nought.

What do they then offer their misled followers as they see our resolve outlasting any political rise of theirs, it will not dismantle our membership of the United Kingdom that offers so much benefit to all our citizens.

Let us all move forward with hope, but also with realism in our hearts into 2023.

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