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2021 will be the year that life will emerge from under the shadow of COVID 19.

While its threat to life slowly abates, we shall begin to see its legacy of harm on health, education and jobs.

We needed to and we did face COVID together so must we deal with its legacy together.

2021 will also be Northern Ireland’s centenary year.

In 2021 we will have time to celebrate the achievements and potential of Northern Ireland and its people.

It will be a time to commemorate the key events.

It will be a time to reflect on all past decisions that shaped all our lives.

All of it must be to build our vision for the next generations and grasp the new opportunity of the new century ahead of us.

The COVID legacy makes it even more vital.

The Northern Ireland of 1921 was of its time.

The Northern Ireland of the new century must be of ours.

Our Northern Ireland, is not one of simply two communities or of two ideologies. Politics and life is no longer as simple as binary choices.

In 1921 the Northern Ireland parliament was formed without the co-operation of Irish nationalism and the false expectation of similar institutions elsewhere in the UK.

In 2021, there is a multi-party power-sharing executive of unionist, nationalist and neither, cross-border bodies built on co-operation and sister devolved institutions across the UK.

Northern Ireland has demonstrated it can last and can reform itself.

My key reflection on the last century is any successes were weakened by the lack of a common purpose.

We did not harness the talents of all.

Beyond 2021, I believe the common purpose of the vast majority is to make Northern Ireland a success.

In our new century, we can use the talents of all to build the common good of a happier, healthier, sustainable and prosperous place and people.

This is our common opportunity to write new chapters in our story and overcome the COVID legacy.

This is the Northern Ireland I want to lead.

This is the Northern Ireland I want to build together.