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Mervyn Storey: Given that the deputy First Minister has stated in the House that all state agencies must be accountable to the law, whether, as one of those state agents — a Minister of the Crown — the deputy First Minister will outline accurately what contact she has had with the PSNI in relation to the Bobby Storey funeral, unlike when she appeared before the Executive Office Committee on 1 July, when she stated that republicans would have come in even larger numbers from across this island and further afield to the funeral had that been possible and had Sinn Féin not actively discouraged people, given that we now know that that discouragement was not the case.

Michelle O'Neill: I have come before this House and the Committee on many occasions and have amply dealt with the issue. On the PSNI inquiry into the funeral, I have cooperated from the outset and will be available to the PSNI when it sets a date for a discussion.

Mervyn Storey: Does the deputy First Minister accept that it has been hugely frustrating for the public to see this fiasco being played out for the last number of months when, at the weekend, in north Down, people were put off the beach for going for a swim? She and her colleagues, some of whom are in this House, attended a funeral in breach of the regulations, and, months later, we are still playing out this pantomime of giving the right, accurate account to the law.

Michelle O'Neill: My position is very clear. I have stated very clearly that I am more than happy to speak to the PSNI when something is arranged. At the weekend, people were asked to leave the beach for a reason, which is that COVID-19 is rife and we need to try to get on top of it.