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The DUP’s lead Policing Board member Mervyn Storey who will take over as Justice Committee Chairman next week, has said the ultimate blame for the Covid-19 rule bursting at Bobby Storey’s funeral, lies with Sinn Fein. He was speaking as the PPS announced the outcome of the review not to prosecute anyone who attended.

Mr Storey said,

“There are criticisms for the police and the PPS but ultimate responsibility and blame for the Covid-19 health messaging being undermined, lies with Sinn Fein. They organised, promoted and attended the procession and the political rally in Milltown cemetery. Yet, they still refuse to apologise.

Of course, many people wanted to attend the funeral of their friend but out respect for the rules and their neighbours, they did not and live with that today. It is time Michelle O’Neill and Mary Lou McDonald apologised for their party's actions.

We hear much from Sinn Fein about fluffy words, but this was a blatant undermining of the public health messaging and regulations. Whilst the PPS says the rules were confusing, the general public whether in relation to their sports clubs, visiting their families, churches, weddings or their loved one’s funeral, were able to understand the rules.

The PPS will be attending the Justice Committee next Thursday and I intend probe this matter further as there remains unanswered questions.

Everyone must be equal under the law and equally subject to the law. There cannot be one rule for Sinn Fein MLAs and another rule for the rest of us. That is why the further citing of engagement between the police and the organisers as a reason for no prosecutions, is all the more galling and requires further examination.”