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North Antrim MLA Mervyn Storey has said the DUP will not shy away from raising issues highlighted by the HMIC report into the Bobby Storey funeral and will continue to demand that concerns over policing are addressed.

Mr Storey brought the issue to the floor of the Assembly this morning. Speaking afterwards he said.

"The funeral of Bobby Storey goes to the heart of politics in Northern Ireland and it was right that it be raised on the floor of the Assembly.

We know Sinn Fein were planning to bring up to 10,000 people onto the streets of West Belfast whilst telling other to abide by the rules. It was a breach of both the letter and the spirit of regulations and it was an embarrassment to law and order.

Recent news reports have highlighted their willingness in the past to exploit the funeral of someone they hold as a republican icon for political gain. It comes as little surprise therefore that the 'movement' took priority on this occasion too.

No-one should allow themselves to be drawn into the disgraceful false contrast of how the funeral of a republican terrorist was handled compared to that of a loyalist. The true contrast is against thousands of ordinary people who grieved and buried their loved ones in silence and in solitude whilst special treatment was offered to a republican elite.

The DUP called for HMIC to investigate this incident and we will not shy away from continuing to raise the many issues that need to be highlighted from this report. We still await too an announcement on a review by the PPS of the decision to prosecute and whether the Ombudsman will investigate.

It is an incident which has brought the concerns of many within the broader unionist community into sharp focus. Those are not going to magically disappear and the leadership of the PSNI must step up and take action to deal with that."