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DUP Deputy Leader and Peer Nigel Dodds has said evidence by Northern Ireland’s Chief Vet that our ports are carrying out two and a half times as many documentary checks as Rotterdam, points to the sheer lunacy of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Lord Dodds said,

“Rotterdam is the eleventh largest port in the world by container volume, yet Northern Ireland ports carry out more than two and a half times as many checks. This is sheer madness and lunacy. Yet, some parties in Northern Ireland, Ministers in Dublin and Commissioners in Brussels want more checks and more rigorous implementation of the Protocol. They need to live in the real world and face up to the real problems they have created.

Northern Ireland’s Chief Vet has confirmed that Rotterdam has one hundred and twenty-five documentary checks per day for the whole world whilst every day we are doing three hundred and twenty-five checks between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We have more checks on products of animal origin between Northern Ireland and Great Britain than at all of the French ports combined.

Setting aside the political division and devastation, the Northern Ireland Protocol has also been a complete and utter failure for trade. Rather than protecting peace, it has caused greater instability and has obstructed trade between one part of the United Kingdom and another.

It is time for the Protocol to be scrapped.

Both London and Brussels must take note and rather than talk about the problem, they need to take action to deal with the flawed Protocol. It is time to replace the Protocol with an arrangement that honours the Agreements affecting Northern Ireland and ensures the east-west relationship is treated at least as favourably as the north-south one.”