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With over 130k signatures on the Parliamentary Petition from every constituency in the UK, DUP Upper Bann MP Carla Lockhart praised over 5k people in Upper Bann who have signed it but urged them to keep going and remember the campaign to free us from the Protocol goes on.

Carla Lockhart said,

“The DUP has led the way in making the argument against the Protocol in Parliament and now the people have sent a clear message to London that they want it scrapped. In 24hrs 100k people signed this Parliamentary petition. They were drawn from every constituency in the UK.

Upper Bann has the most signatories and I’m delighted with that but we haven’t reached the finish line. We have made a good start, but there is more to do. We need to see more people sign the petition so that when it is debated in Parliament, MPs are in doubt about the level of anger and frustration.

To have over 130k sign in a few days must make it one of the fastest growing petitions in Northern Ireland but the petition of itself is only one part of our five point plan to free Northern Ireland from the Protocol.

Its time for the Prime Minister to act and ensure people in Northern Ireland have the same access to the UK single market as people in England, Scotland and Wales.”