Lockhart – Protocol has undermined stability

The DUP’s Upper Bann MP Carla Lockhart has reminded former Prime Minister Sir John Major that every unionist MLA and MP opposes the Protocol. Mrs Lockhart also called for the Protocol to be replaced with arrangements that unionists as well as nationalists can support.

By Carla Lockhart Candidate

Upper Bann

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This exchange took place at the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee.

Speaking afterwards Carla Lockhart said,

“It was a mistake to press ahead and ignore the opposition of unionists in 2020. That has been recognised in London, Dublin, Brussels and Washington. No one should not make the same mistake twice. Progress is only made by having the support of unionists as well as nationalists.

The message has landed in Brussels and London that there will be no restoration of the NI Executive until the Protocol is replaced with arrangements that unionists can support.

Over eighteen months ago we outlined the parameters for the way forward. We set our tests and those continue to be our tape measure for any deal between the EU and UK.

The Protocol must be replaced by arrangements that restore NI’s place in the UK internal market and our constitutional position must be respected. We are seeking the restoration of democratic decision making to the Assembly, replacing the democratic deficit created by the Protocol.”

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