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Marking World Cancer Day, Carla Lockhart MP has urged the Health Minister to prioritise the full resumption of cancer services to ensure those facing a cancer battle have the best chance to beat their illness.

Carla Lockhart said:

“World Cancer Day is an opportunity to remember those facing cancer, to offer them support, to recognise those within our healthcare service who care for those facing a cancer battle and refocus on ensuring cancer and cancer sufferers are an absolute priority for those in authority.

Yesterday we learnt that 4,000 red flag cancer procedures has been postponed due to COVID-19. That is 4,000 people facing a very uncertain future. That is 4,000 families facing the emotional impact of watching a loved one suffer while much needed medical intervention is delayed. It is quite simply wrong and needs to be rectified.

We have a first class, world leading cancer care service within our local hospitals. It is vital it is allowed to function and to save lives. We need the Health Minister to recognise that a hierarchy of conditions is wrong, and that cancer patients must have the same provision of healthcare as those with COVID-19. We need these 4,000 red flag procedures urgently rescheduled.

I hope the Minister has a plan. We need to hear it. And on World Cancer Day there would be no better way to mark this than with decisive action to address the local cancer crisis that is going to cost lives that could be saved.”