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During this evening's adjournment debate in the House of Commons, Upper Bann MP Carla Lockhart called for action on the promotion and glorification of terrorism, including by Members of Parliament.

During the speech she highlighted the case of William Heenan who was murdered at his home in Legananny, outside Castlewelland and re-told Sammy Heenan's account of his father's murder when he was just 12 years old.

"On that fateful morning on the 3rd May 1985 at 7am, I went out to find my father brutally murdered after I heard his final haunting and dying screams. He had been forced to his knees and shot twice in the top of the head at point blank range by a South Down PIRA gunman. The image of his face bloodied and unrecognisable as he lay on the ground that morning will be etched on my mind forever. After which I had to run to a neighbours house half a mile away to raise the alarm sobbing and in a state of utter despair.”

Highlighting the fact that just five miles from that scene the South Down MP Chris Hazzard operates a constituency office named in honour of two IRA terrorists called for Parliament to take action in this area.

"In the act of naming an office after two terrorists, and operating as a Member of this House from that Office, one would think that this Parliament – this bastion of democratic principles, the very place where parliamentary democracy was founded – would stop such an affront to democracy.

Yet this is not the case. I have raised this with the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner who has responded saying she has no grounds to investigate. Likewise, IPSA say it is not for them but for this House. And by doing nothing, we facilitate, indeed financially support, an MP who day and daily glorifies terrorists. I urge the Minister to undertake to address this issue in the coming days

In this instance, it is a case of doing what is right. Of recognising the hurt and pain this causes innocent victims and saying, ‘This House will not facilitate or allow this to happen any longer.”

Speaking of a need to build a better future in Northern Ireland, the DUP MP concluded

"I have a young son. I want him to grow up in a society that has values, that has respect for the rule of law, that is at peace with one another. Yet I look at a society today where the very encouragement and glorification of terrorism goes largely unchallenged. In such a society, real reconciliation cannot happen.

For in such a society those who suffered most, our victims, are not respected, they are insulted. Until this stops, until those who engage in this behaviour cease and recognise the hurt and the wrongs they do and have done, we will never have that real peace we crave."