Liam Campbell extradition welcomed

DUP Leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has welcomed the ruling that Liam Campbell who was found civilly liable for the Omagh bombing is to be extradited from the Republic of Ireland on suspicion of international weapons smuggling.

Mr Donaldson said, "Liam Campbell was found to be liable for the Real IRA bombing of Omagh in 1998 and is wanted as a result of allegations he was trying to buy large amounts of arms and explosives on behalf of the Real IRA in Lithuania.

Having clung to human rights law to avoid standing trial, he gave no thought to the human rights of those murdered and maimed in Omagh. Neither it seems did those who supported his campaign against extradition. The weapons and explosives which the Real IRA were attempting to secure would have been used in further human rights abuses. Anyone truly interested in human rights would want to see all those involved brought to justice."

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