Jeffrey Donaldson - Ensure you are on the Electoral Register

DUP Leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has encouraged everyone to ensure they are on the electoral register. On Monday Mr Donaldson and Strangford MLA Peter Weir met Chief Electoral Officer Virginia McVea to discuss the Canvass 2021 programme.

By Lord Weir of Ballyholme Peer

He said, "The Electoral Office's 2021 Canvass has been underway now for a number of weeks. The electoral register is not just necessary in order to cast your vote at elections, but being on the register is important in terms of credit checks and it also will be one of the mechanisms used to verify applications for the High Street Scheme bring brought forward by Economy Minister Gordon Lyons.

The Electoral Office will be stepping up the publicity campaign in the coming weeks but it is important that no-one misses out. As a Party we will continue to look at the registration data and encourage uptake in areas which have fallen behind. Anyone seeking assistance can contact their local DUP representative who will be happy to assist them with the process. It is also important to reassure those with permanent postal and proxy votes that they will continue to receive these on the new register providing their details have not changed.

Updating the electoral register is a necessary part of ensuring that the electoral register is up to date and accurate. No one should have any concerns about the process but it is vital that everyone ensures they complete an application."

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